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District 9
unicorns r real
KO, Yoken, Sage, Sii and I went to see this movie last night...Thanx Sii....
It made me angry, sad, horrified and thoughtful...It was filmed in a documentary style at first then turned into a movie...and also I feel a comment on how we treat each other and others that are different than us..And,well, duh, I know that was the point...But it did work..You do have mixed feelings throughout the movie about the various characters.
There's a lot I could say about how i felt towards various characters and how those thoughts changed as the movie progressed but I haven't really thought them out..
Just wanted to say that this movie was very good on many different levels and I do recommend seeing it...I don't think there is anyway to look at it as just a movie..

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well, pout, i was looking for someone to go see this with...wish I could have tagged along! Oh well, I'll just catch a loner's matinee this afternoon....

maybe you and brody could go see it...i think he'd like it also...
it's too bad that we so very rarely do things took Yoken to come in from atlanta and calling Sii to say hey that we even all got together...
we stopped at the NASFA meeting first to give the editor of a Southern Fandom Guide an interview on RCFM then went to eat and then Sii suggested a movie...He works at a theatre so he knows what's out there. I had never actually even heard of this movie...and i'm glad i got to see it..

i think you'd enjoy it....

I have yet to be abile to see it. Me and Remy and Sam did get to see the new Quintion Tarintino movie "Ingloruis Basterds"... It was so amazingly awsome I cried a little

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